Stand Up Pouch Manufacturer from China

  • 35+ years in manufacturing flexible packaging, 120+ years of team experts combined experience.

  • FDA-approved materials, fully BRC and ISO accredited production facility for direct food contact.

  • Unbeatable lead time: 3 weeks for new items and 2 weeks for repeat ones.

  • All our stand-up pouches are customized to meet your needs and are 100% quality guaranteed.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are flexible and lightweight, which makes them more cost-effective to transport and store compared to rigid packaging. And have a larger surface area for branding and product information, making them great for marketing.
Stand up pouches can be made from various materials, including recyclable and biodegradable options, making them more environmentally friendly. The design of stand-up pouches allows them to be easily displayed on store shelves and improves product visibility. The pouches also have a resealable closure option, which helps to preserve the product freshness and prevent spills.
Hezcy Packaging’s stand-up pouches comply with FDA regulations for food use and are manufactured in our fully BRC and ISO-accredited facilities, ensuring the highest quality and safety for food contact.

Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples

Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples
Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Examples

Customize Stand Up Pouches

Hezcy offers a full range of stand up pouches for foods & drinks, healthy & beauty, and household chemicals.

Custom Stand Up Pouches

Custom Stand Up Pouches

*Brand Identity with HD Graphics Printing *Most Guaranteed Fitting Pouch Sizes *All the Extra Features *Standing Out on the Shelf

  • We manufacture stand up pouches using FDA-approved, high-quality materials in our BRC and ISO-accredited production facility for direct food contact.

  • Full-color printing for front, back, and bottom, with options for glossy or matte finish, registered matte coating, soft-touch matte, and registered de-metalized.

  • Additional features include tear notch, hang sell hole, header and handle, resealable zip, on wicket, spout and fitment, one-way degassing valve, product display window, and rounded corners.

  • Our stand up pouches are puncture-resistant, have high barrier properties (OTR & WVTR), are heat-sealable, leak-proof, and self-standing, making them suitable for packing dry goods such as cookies, nuts, and candies.

Featured Stand Up Pouch Solutions

Hezcy Stand Up Pouch Specification

Steps To Custom Stand Up Pouches



Hezcy works alongside your designer to ensure package art is optimized. Our web rotogravure print rivals any other print technology.



Hezcy uses the rotogravure printing process with a max 10 color capability. It ensures to deliver high quality and precise printing results with good repeatability.



Solvent, solventless, and water-based technology; Inline lamination; Up to 5-ply structures; Multiple film structures and barrier options; Extrusion; Precise and accurate slitting



The process of making a pouch involves slitting, converting the pouch, and sometimes laser scoring or spout insertion.



We have a team of experts for quality assurance that can spot even the tiniest flaws in our final product.

Stand Up Pouch Manufacturer FAQs

Headquartered in Taiwan, we have two plants in mainland China.

One is located in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China, specialized in shrink sleeve labels, sticker labels, and wrap-around labels.

The other site is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China, which specialized in plastic bags, roll stocks, and assembly (shrink sleeve application, sticker label application, etc.)

Minimum orders can vary depending on the project, but generally speaking, most quotes start with 10,000 pieces of one SKU. As a direct manufacturer, we are very flexible on order quantity. Please contact our service team to discuss minimum order quantities.

Generally, Hezcy can finish production for the custom packaging solution in about 3 – 4 weeks from the point of artwork approval by the customer and complete the repeated items in about 2 – 3 weeks from the point of order.

We boast a 99+% on-time delivery rate. We are so confident in our ability to deliver your project on-time.

Every client we manage is treated as part of the Hezcy family, and you can count on us! We will pay a penalty fee if you miss a launch date and it is our fault!

Yes. Hezcy Packaging retains all of your project details in our database. It can quickly access them to create reprints of your package.

Yes. All our packaging is FDA approved, and our facilities and the process are certified by BRC as a flexible packaging producer for food use.

In addition, we are certified by Disney and Wal-mart every year.

Hezcy Packaging is a vertically-integrated manufacturing operation.

We deliver consistent and high-quality services and products, with premium in-house production capabilities:

  • Prepress & Graphic Design
  • Extrusion
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Converting
  • Applications

Our equipment and capabilities include:

  • 9 Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Max 9 color capability)
  • 12 Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Max 12 color capability)
  • DRY / WET Laminating Machines
  • Solvent-less & Solvent-base Combi Laminating Machines
  • Aluminum Foil Coating & Laminating Machines
  • Rotogravure Coating Machines
  • Print Quality Inspection / Rewinding Machines
  • Slitting Machines (standard)
  • Slitting Machine (Laser Scoring)
  • Film Sanding Machines
  • Shrink Label Glue Seam Machines
  • Bag / Pouch Making Machines
  • Laboratory / Film Structure/ Friction / Seal / Pantone Color
  • Test & Inspection Tools
  • Assembly Production Lines

If one of these still doesn’t tell you what you need to know, please give us a call or use the CONTACT US form to email us your question(s). We are always happy to hear from you!

Stand Up Pouch Manufacturer FAQs

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Stand Up Pouches Purchasing from China

In today’s modern world, we can all rejoice in the tremendous improvement in daily life brought about by the latest packaging technology innovations. Stand-up pouches are now replacing traditional packaging. This is mainly because of their easy storage and advanced marketing features. There are many other advantages, including the ability to print complex artwork and graphics on the bag.

Most manufacturers are happy to accept the use of stand-up pouches because it gives them more brand choices. With the unique shape and convenient way of standing bags with additional functions, they stand out on the shelves of shops and supermarkets.

As mentioned above, the standing bag is one of our best-selling products in China. We have a full range of standing bags for our customers to choose from. As one of the best innovative packaging bag products, we have created convenience for the packaging industry.

Hezcy station bags, compared to ordinary plastic bottles, glass cans or aluminium cans; save a lot of production, space, transportation, storage and recycling. Resealable, easy to carry, good airtightness and lightweight. For these reasons, more and more people prefer to choose upright pouch packaging.

Stand-up Pouches are a kind of packaging pouches designed in such a way that they can stand on shelves, cabinets or wherever they are placed. Because of their important characteristics, they are being widely used in the packaging of edible and non-edible products.

Hezcy Package mainly produces packaging materials such as vertical Pouches. We specialize in the design and production of packaging Pouches and pouches.

The standing Pouches are designed in such a way that they have two gussets at the bottom, which makes them comfortable to stand. The standing Pouch also has a side sealed edge. These edges are merged on the sides of the Pouch.

The sides extend from the top of the Pouch to the bottom of the Pouch. The edges provide very strong sides for the standing Pouches, and they also help them to maintain their balance and maintain a standing position at all times.

Unlike traditional packaging Pouches, the side-sealed Pouch design is very comfortable and user-friendly. They are lighter and easier to handle because of this.

Companies can choose to add more components or functions to support the Pouch, making it easier for consumers to use. Packaging companies can incorporate many features into the design of standing Pouches, including the following:

  • Standing pouch with perforation
  • Vertical Pouch with valve
  • Standing pouch with handle
  • Standing pouch with zipper
  • Stand up Pouches and spouts, stand up Pouches and rounded corners, etc.

Based on customer recommendations, Hezcy produces stand-up Pouches with all these functions. Hezcy can also provide help and guidance to help customers choose the best features based on the products that the Pouch will be used for packaging.

Due to the versatility of stand-up Pouch packaging and how popular it is as a packaging material, it is used in many industries. Stand-up Pouches are used for packaging edible and non-edible products. Some of these include the following:

  • snack
  • medical products
  • Agricultural products
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Pet food etc.

Stand-up Pouches provide more advantages compared to other packaging Pouches or Pouches, which is why they are the first choice. Some of the advantages of using a standing Pouch include:

  • They are separate Pouches, which makes storing them easier than storing other packaging materials.
  • They are very durable and durable because they are made of high-quality materials
  • They provide an option for user-friendliness and improved usability.
  • They have barrier properties against contaminants that may affect the quality of stored products. Examples of pollutants are moisture, oxygen, ultraviolet rays, etc.
  • Standing Pouches are highly printable packaging materials, which provide many aesthetic benefits and contribute to brand awareness and advertising.
  • Standing Pouches meet packaging expectations, which makes them very cost-effective.

It is important that the packaging valves are sealed to prevent the passage of oxygen, which will reduce the life of the product. In some cases, degassing valves are incorporated in the manufacture of stand-up Pouches, creating a closed environment for the product. Standing Pouch degassing valve is the most important packaging product which often emits gas. The valve type mainly used for this purpose is the one-way degassing valve.

This type of valve allows the exhausted gas to escape while preventing oxygen from passing into the Pouch. For this type of product, if the exhaust valve is not used, it will cause the accumulation of carbon dioxide, which in turn will cause the product to burst. Hezcy produces stand-up Pouches with exhaust valves.

Hezcy uses 2 different types of degassing to make standing Pouches, goglio valve and Wipf valve

Before choosing the material for the standing Pouch, various conditions must be considered.

They include:

  • Product packaging
  • Consumer choice
  • Priority of customers placing orders.

The materials used to make standing Pouches include:

  • Polypropylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Ethylene-Alcohol Ethylene
  • Aluminium foil
  • High-density polyethene
  • Low-density polyethene

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

  • Metalized PET film
  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethene
  • Polyethene terephthalate

There are many types of standing pouches suitable for various packaging qualities and various types of product packaging.

Common eye Pouches are:

  • Bottom gusseted stand Pouch
  • Side gusseted standing Pouch
  • Flat bottom stand pouch
  • Standing pouch with spout.
  • Shaped standing Pouch.
  • Refute the standing Pouch
  • Standing pouch with zipper
  • Inverted hat Pouch

Hezcy is professionally designed and packaged for all these types of standing Pouches.

This is one of the most popular standing Pouches, used by various industries. The bottom gusseted standing Pouches are designed in such a way that the Pouches support the number of products in them. The hem is attached to the side of the Pouch, from top to bottom, which gives the Pouch a perfect shape and ability to stand.

A bottom gusseted standing Pouch can be designed in such a way that the bottom can assume many shapes. Some shapes used for the bottom gusseted Pouch include the following:

  • Round bottom gusset shape
  • K angle bottom gusset
  • Plow bottom gusset.

Side gusset stand-up Pouches are stand-up Pouches that have gussets in all aspects. As usual, gussets run from the top to the bottom of the Pouch. At the top of the Pouch, the seal adopts the shape of a Pouch, and at the bottom of the Pouch, a horizontal seal is adopted.

Under this design, they usually have a good ability to retain the products that are used for packaging. One advantage, if you use the side gusset station Pouch, it is a rich space for artworks and brands. This makes it the best standing Pouch for labels The material of this pouch depends on the product you want to pack.

As a substitute for plastic and glass bottles, spout stand Pouches have had great success in today’s packaging market. Compared with plastic bottles and glass bottles, they provide economic benefits, and at the same time, they also provide the same packaging productivity. The spout standing Pouches have a spout on the top, which makes them very easy to fill, open, pour and close.

The spout is also designed to have a lid. The spout standing Pouch requires high technology to manufacture, which is why you need a reputable and experienced manufacturing company to handle this. Hezcy is capable, they have all the skills and personnel to make this.

These are standing Pouches, mainly used to pack edible products under adverse conditions. They are designed into a film structure through the superposition of various materials to achieve the desired packaging effect. Several layers of materials are stacked together, and they protect the product from oxygen, moisture, steam and other contaminants. The retort station Pouch is an alternative to packaging cans or any other type of food container.

Some edible products that require an anti-inverted pouch include:

  • pet food
  • Organic products
  • soup
  • Fresh food
  • Industry use

Hezcy standing Pouches can be widely used in many industries, especially for storing food, like snacks, potato chips, biscuits, biscuits, nuts, chocolate, candy packaging, and also widely used in sugar, spices, sauces, milk powder, oatmeal, coffee, tea, can also be used in detergents, toys, seeds, clothing, etc. It has strong heat sealing strength and has a good barrier effect on umami taste, fragrance, nutritional quality or chemical efficiency.

The upside-down Pouch is one of the latest types of standing Pouches in use today. However, not many manufacturing companies design such standing Pouches. This standing Pouch is designed in this way, the upper part is the bottom and the Pouch. This means that the product in the Pouch can also be used to stand. They are easy to use.

They also provide a long-lasting life for the product because of the composite film and other high-quality materials used to make it. They are also good at preventing all kinds of pollution, including the penetration of steam, moisture and odours.

The upside-down nature Pouch gives it a unique appearance and makes it show all other parts of the Pouch elegantly. This makes it one of the best Pouches for aesthetics and branding. The company specializes in the production of inverted bottle caps, stand-up pouches, stand-up pouches and other products of various products.

Standing Pouches are customized and manufactured. They can meet many packaging and market needs. Because of this, standing Pouches have many applications to meet various needs. Some applications include the following:

  • Foil Paper Stand Pouch
  • Rice paper standing pouch
  • Pouch
  • Clear standing Pouch
  • Metal Standing Pouch
  • Satin and matte standing Pouches
  • Crystal clear stand Pouch

These are stand-up Pouches made of different laminated materials, but aluminium foil is the main material. This is because the aluminium foil material has the advantage of blocking odour, moisture, and oxygen. Aluminium foil standing pouches are mainly used for packaging the following products:

  • Cosmetics and beauty care
  • Medical products, agricultural products
  • Laundry products etc.

In various industries, they are one of the most commonly used stand-up Pouches because of their special characteristics.

1) Custom options

Hezcy standing Pouch with customized printing and size options is also another best point of standing Pouch packaging, any colour like customized logo and any advertisement, up to 10 colour printing, matte or lacquer finish, fast delivery in Within 2-3 weeks, you can choose from 50 g-1 kg volume, even 5Kg, size and colour.

The material can be a choice of transparent plastic, matte surface, metallized, aluminium or even paper surface. Before our factory sends out our standing Pouch, we will do the following tests in our laboratory for you to use it with confidence. Such as interlayer adhesion, sealing strength, drop, rupture, tension, leakage, compression, puncture resistance and other tests.

These standing Pouches are mainly used for packaging snacks. They are the first choice for this purpose due to their texture, appearance and printing capabilities. They have gussets, which fold up and inwards, they are designed in such a way that they have both sides of the Pouch sealed. The bottom gusset gives them a standing position.

The rice paper materials used to make stand-up pouches include:

  • Polyethene
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Metalized Polyethylene
  • Their top-notch display performance, coupled with their ability, for different shapes and window functions, make them the perfect type of standing Pouch for packaging snacks and related products.

Hezcy provides some of the most advanced printing technology artwork and design packaging Pouches and Pouches, including standing Pouches.

Printing services include:

  • Photogravure.
  • Flexo
  • Digital printing technology.

All Hezcy packaging Pouches and Pouches, including standing Pouches, meet FDA requirements, and the product will be sent a confirmation letter.

Yes, Hezcy’s standing Pouches are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

There are 8 printing colours for packaging Pouches and pouches. If the customer has special requirements, it can be raised to the sales staff.

Yes, Hezcy can deliver samples to customers.

Comparing the production cost of stand-up pouches with traditional packaging methods, as well as the strict attention to the environment in recent years, governments and companies in various countries are also looking for new ways to reduce the use of resources. They choose to pollute the environment at a lower cost to avoid an increase in raw material costs. With the continuous evolution and development of ideas, standing Pouches are a good way to solve this problem. In all the above advantages, standing Pouches are now commonly used in many industries these days.

Our packaging experts will always listen to your needs and provide you with the most suitable materials, printing and other options for your products to use, such as handles, windows or many modern shapes to differentiate your products. If you don’t know your packaging, our designers are also happy to help design and provide a physical sample for you to choose from.