Quad Seal Pouch Manufacturer from China

  • 35+ years in manufacturing flexible packaging, 120+ years of team experts combined experience.

  • FDA-approved materials, fully BRC and ISO accredited production facility for direct food contact.

  • Unbeatable lead time: 3 weeks for new items and 2 weeks for repeat ones.

  • All our quad seal pouches are customized to meet your needs and are 100% quality guaranteed.

Quad Seal Pouches

Quad Seal Pouches

Quad seal pouches offer excellent stability and durability, making them the ideal choice for supporting heavier-volume products.

These premium bags are sealed on all four sides, providing superior strength and reliability compared to standard side gusseted bags. In addition to their strength, quad seal pouches are available in a variety of sizes, vivid colors, and dimensions to suit any packaging need.

At Hezcy, we take pride in using only the highest quality materials that are FDA-approved for direct food contact. Our fully BRC and ISO accredited production facility ensures that every quad seal pouch we manufacture meets our rigorous quality standards. Choose Hezcy for a packaging solution that combines strength, stability, and quality.

Hezcy Quad Seal Pouch Examples

Quad seal Pouches
Quad seal Pouches
Quad seal Pouches
Quad seal Pouches

Customize Quad Seal Pouches

Hezcy offers a full range of quad seal pouches for foods & drinks, healthy & beauty, and household chemicals.

Custom Quad Seal Pouches

Custom Quad Seal Pouches

*Brand Identity with HD Graphics Printing *Most Guaranteed Fitting Pouch Sizes *All the Extra Features *Standing Out on the Shelf

  • We manufacture quad seal pouches using FDA-approved, high-quality materials in our BRC and ISO-accredited production facility for direct food contact.

  • Full-color printing for front, back, and gusset, with options for glossy or matte finish, registered matte coating, soft-touch matte, and registered de-metalized.

  • Additional features include tear notch, hang sell hole, header and handle, resealable zip, on wicket, spout and fitment, one-way degassing valve, product display window, and rounded corners.

  • Our quad seal pouches are puncture-resistant, have high barrier properties (OTR & WVTR), are heat-sealable, leak-proof, and self-standing, making them suitable for packing dry goods such as coffee, cookies, nuts, and candies.

Hezcy Quad Seal Pouch Specification

Steps To Custom Quad Seal Pouches



Hezcy works alongside your designer to ensure package art is optimized. Our web rotogravure print rivals any other print technology.



Hezcy uses the rotogravure printing process with a max 10 color capability. It ensures to deliver high quality and precise printing results with good repeatability.



Solvent, solventless, and water-based technology; Inline lamination; Up to 5-ply structures; Multiple film structures and barrier options; Extrusion; Precise and accurate slitting



The process of making a pouch involves slitting, converting the pouch, and sometimes laser scoring or spout insertion.



We have a team of experts for quality assurance that can spot even the tiniest flaws in our final product.

Quad Seal Pouch Manufacturer FAQs

Headquartered in Taiwan, we have two plants in mainland China.

One is located in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China, specialized in shrink sleeve labels, sticker labels, and wrap-around labels.

The other site is located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China, which specialized in plastic bags, roll stocks, and assembly (shrink sleeve application, sticker label application, etc.)

Minimum orders can vary depending on the project, but generally speaking, most quotes start with 10,000 pieces of one SKU. As a direct manufacturer, we are very flexible on order quantity. Please contact our service team to discuss minimum order quantities.

Generally, Hezcy can finish production for the custom packaging solution in about 3 – 4 weeks from the point of artwork approval by the customer and complete the repeated items in about 2 – 3 weeks from the point of order.

We boast a 99+% on-time delivery rate. We are so confident in our ability to deliver your project on-time.

Every client we manage is treated as part of the Hezcy family, and you can count on us! We will pay a penalty fee if you miss a launch date and it is our fault!

Yes. Hezcy Packaging retains all of your project details in our database. It can quickly access them to create reprints of your package.

Yes. All our packaging is FDA approved, and our facilities and the process are certified by BRC as a flexible packaging producer for food use.

In addition, we are certified by Disney and Wal-mart every year.

Yes, Hezcy Packaging uses the rotogravure printing process. The rotogravure printing process (commonly shortened to gravure) is a method of intaglio printing.

Gravure printing works by applying ink to a substrate using a metal plate that is typically mounted onto a cylinder. This plate is often made of copper or chrome.

The image or text that is intended for printing generally is laser-etched into said metal plate, a process that usually delivers high quality and precise results with good repeatability.

Hezcy Packaging is a vertically-integrated manufacturing operation.

We deliver consistent and high-quality services and products, with premium in-house production capabilities:

  • Prepress & Graphic Design
  • Extrusion
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Converting
  • Applications

Our equipment and capabilities include:

  • 9 Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Max 9 color capability)
  • 12 Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Max 12 color capability)
  • DRY / WET Laminating Machines
  • Solvent-less & Solvent-base Combi Laminating Machines
  • Aluminum Foil Coating & Laminating Machines
  • Rotogravure Coating Machines
  • Print Quality Inspection / Rewinding Machines
  • Slitting Machines (standard)
  • Slitting Machine (Laser Scoring)
  • Film Sanding Machines
  • Shrink Label Glue Seam Machines
  • Bag / Pouch Making Machines
  • Laboratory / Film Structure/ Friction / Seal / Pantone Color
  • Test & Inspection Tools
  • Assembly Production Lines

If one of these still doesn’t tell you what you need to know, please give us a call or use the CONTACT US form to email us your question(s). We are always happy to hear from you!

Hezcy Packaging

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Quad Seal Bags FAQ Guide

The quad-seal bag is also known as a flat bottom bag, we provide various material options for different types of customers. Before choosing the right material and function, please clearly consider the following points:

  • What kind of product are you packing in these quad-seal bags? This affects the correct material we recommend for you and also affects the barrier properties of the product inside.
  • Do you have any color preferences for quad seal bags for marketing purposes? Like the clear film? Silver foil? The whole bag is white? Leather and natural feeling? By knowing your preference, we can also provide suggestions before sending you samples.
  • What volume are you packing? 100 g? 500 g? 1 kg? Or more? This will affect the optimal thickness and cost of the pouch. Even though the bag cost savings for your business may be a penny, why not save some money for another part of your business?
  • What function do you want to achieve when using quad-seal bags? Reclosable? Easy to open? Need a coffee tap? 100% airtight or leakproof? Choosing the right and best solution will save costs, and a genius idea may make your business flourish.
  • Do you want to do any treatment to the surface? Bronzing? Hologram look? Matte or glossy? Partial matte? Spot glossy? Which treatment is cheaper?
  • How do you ship? How to fill the bag with a product? How is your product storage? If we knew more, we would care more.

Talk to us about your packaging and product ideas as much as you can, it will help us learn more about how to protect your business.

Quad-seal bags are a type of bag used to package various products. They are usually designed with 4 corners which makes them very easy to store. Quad-seal bags are considered to be one of the fog-stable bags in use today.

This basically means using a quad-seal bag to store the product. Quad-seal bags are used for product marketing in various industries. Many manufacturing companies like ours have been involved in both the quad seal bag manufacturing process as well as printing and branding aspects.

Quad-seal bags are one of the most versatile packaging materials you will come across. They are used in edible products such as coffee, tea, pet food, etc. Quad-seal bags are also used for non-edible products such as pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products, agricultural products, etc.

Depending on the product you want to pack, you can choose from various types of quad seal bags. They include the following:

  • Zipper quad sealbag
  • Hot stamping quad seal bag
  • Transparent quad-sealbag
  • Aluminum quad sealbag
  • Valve quad-seal bag

All of these bags have their advantages and what makes them more popular than others. We are in the business of manufacturing and branding of all types of quad seal bags.

Quad seal bags have many advantages and benefits over other types of bags or sachets, some of the benefits of using quad seal bags include the following.

  • Branding and design for advertising and awareness purposes
  • Quad-sealbags are relatively easy to store as they have a flat bottom and fit comfortably on a shelf
  • The quad-sealbag is very strong and keeps a lot of products safe
  • Compared with other bags, the cost of quad-sealbags is relatively low.
  • For a manufacturing company like ours, many features can help you design quad seal bags that fit your brand or product.

The three basic materials used to make quad seal bags include:

  • polyethylene
  • polyester
  • aluminum foil

These three materials are combined together.

Other materials may be used depending on the type of quad seal bag:

  • craft paper
  • rice paper
  • polyamide
  • aluminum

Printing, branding and design can all be done on quad seal bags. Also, all types of brand aesthetics can be used for advertising and awareness purposes. In addition to manufacturing, we also handle typography and brand aesthetics.

We are equipped with all the machines you need for artwork and designs on quad seal bags: Automatic labeling machines are used to bring out the creative work. For artwork, use drawing, 3D effects, and VI design strategies.

The 4-side seal bag is a packaging bag with four sides sealed. The four sides are heat-sealed ends, which are good for storing different types of products.

Metalized quad seal bags are mainly used for storing products that are very light-sensitive. They are one of the best quad seal bags because they offer a variety of storage options.

Contrary to what many people think, metalized quad seal bags are not made of metal. They got their name because of their metallic appearance.

Like quad seal bags, gusset bags are other types of bags that are effective for packaging a variety of products. There are many types of gusset bags and they can be 3 or 4 sides.

According to the manufacturing process of quadrilateral sealed bags, they can be called quadrilateral sealed bags or not.

Since quad seal bags are used to store various products, it is very important to test their quality according to the requirements of the products that need to be stored. Various methods are effective in testing the quality of quadrilateral seal bags.

  • friction test
  • tensile test
  • healing Seal Test
  • chromatography test

It depends on the customer’s order. However, the minimum quantity allowed for 4-side seal bag orders is between 3000 and 4000 bags.

Your Content Goes HereThe aesthetic options for quad seal bags and other packaged products are limitless. We allow clients to share their branding or customization ideas. There are more than 10 colors available for printing, if you have special requirements, please contact the sales department.

All bags and pouches used to package food and medicine are safe. All products have passed ISO 9001 certification and passed FDA and ROHS certification. So if you need quad seal bags for edible product packaging, you don’t need to worry.

All of our products are recyclable, depending on the product they are used for packaging.

The cost of a quad seal bag depends on many factors. They include:

  • Quad-seal bag type
  • quantity of order
  • Features of quad sealed bag
  • Quality of quad seal bags ordered

Yes, quad-seal bags are ideal pet food bags and are FDA approved.