Accidents will inevitably occur, but what if they could be prevented? A child-resistant bag can help you achieve this. At all times, we will strive to ensure that our children are safe from harm. These bags come in handy when you want to store some substances that might be harmful to your kids.

So you can now prevent accidents from happening. We all know that kids can eat almost anything. A must-have child-resistant bag will give you absolute peace of mind. There has been a long history of child-resistant bags. As a result, technology has evolved over time. You can now get child-resistant bags with a better solution than in the past. This gives you confidence that the product you are using will work as the manufacturer claims.

In this guide, we’ll learn more about child-resistant bags. Finally, you’ll see what a child-resistant bag can do for you, so pick one up today. let’s start.

1. What is a Child-resistant Bag?

Child-resistant bags are also called child-proof bags. From the word “child-proof”, those bags that cannot be easily opened by children come to mind. Depending on what’s in the package, it’s sometimes best to make sure it’s not easily accessible to children. Child-resistant bags are divided into two categories according to regulations. In both cases, reclosable bags and non-reclosable bags are available.

These two can be used in various applications, depending on what you need to store. Both comply with the tests and standards of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). When the bag you’re using meets these criteria, you can be sure you’re getting the right bag.

Manufacturers of child-resistant bagshas also come up with their own ways of classifying child-resistant bags. An example is that closure is not comprehensive for children. This is because to open it, two actions are required at the same time. This can be an example of overturning the cover.

The other option is that the kids still can’t get to the closure. This is where it gets too big for kids’ hands. Well, the other category is where more force is required to break the seal. It’s hard for kids to exert a lot of force. As a result, you end up keeping the kids away from the package. As you can see, child-resistant bags are very important. Here are even more reasons to buy one for yourself today.

What is a Child-resistant Bag?

2. Benefits of Child-resistant Bags

The benefits of child-resistant bags are as follows:

1) Keeping things out of children’s reach

First, obviously, you never have to worry about your kids opening the bag without you noticing. That’s because various methods of making child-resistant bags are very effective.

They will be able to protect your child from any content you don’t want him to have access to. Therefore, you may want to immediately use the appropriate child-resistant bags on the market so that you can easily leave the bag unattended.

2) Versatile

Child-resistant bags are also versatile compared to some other bag types. Therefore, you can use them anytime to package herbal incense, medicines and related products.

You definitely don’t want your child to be on medication when you are not responsible. Well, some people even use these bags to store medical marijuana. This is great because the only time you can use medical marijuana is if you must.

3) Hide content

Depending on the child-resistant bag or bag, some are even opaque. The idea is even to hide the identity of what’s in the bag. This should allow you to hide something from your child. Sometimes kids want something even if it’s not for them. With opaque bags, you should have no problem storing anything overall.

4) Meeting the required standards

As with any good kid-resistant bag, the goal is to make it difficult for children to open, but definitely easier for adults. Well, that’s true of most of these bags. There are even tests just to make sure they meet established standards. So you’re sure to get an effective childproof package. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate a bag that meets the standards set by the regulator.

5) Impressive structure and usability

If you’re looking to buy child-resistant resealable bags, you can be sure they’ll come in handy in a variety of applications, too. Reclosable means you can reseal them for as many uses as you can think of. Some bags are made from sturdy materials, so they should last a long time. You never have to worry about finding a place to hide things from your kids.

Some look great even when child-resistant. Just because they’re kid-resistant bags doesn’t mean they’re always ugly. It’s not uncommon for some bags to be functional but not aesthetically pleasing. Well, a number of manufacturers are now making some great bags that look great for kids too. You can now even use them for every function you can think of while looking good.

Benefits of Child-resistant Bags

3. What are the types of Child-resistant Bags

Below are some common categories you can find when shopping for child-resistant bags. You should definitely have no trouble picking one up for yourself today. Let’s see what you can get today.

1) Thumb pocket zip-seal bag

This childproof bag is one of the best bags on the market. It’s all about giving you some of the best performance to drive you to buy a similar bag. You know it’s equipped with the latest anti-tamper technology and should keep content locked at all times. It does come with a reclosable zipper so you can reuse it for even longer.

Opening it shouldn’t be too difficult for an adult. It follows the methods of those in the industry. From here, you place your thumb in the indicated red box and pull the zipper to open. Well, it’s impossible to open it any other way. This is where you appreciate the performance of the zipper.

The nice thing about this pattern is that it’s also great at sealing in freshness and even smell. The best part is that they are made of FDA-approved food-grade materials. This should be good at keeping the contents dry and fresh.

These child-resistant bags are also great at providing a better opening area. You will be able to use it more frequently for various applications. Some even use it as a sandwich bag. When using them as a whole, you will always have a good time.

2) Single dose bag

These child-resistant bags come in handy if you must keep single-dose products out of the reach of children. The design is that the bag is sealed on 3 sides, leaving an opening on one side. The great thing about these pouches is that they are made with multiple layers of material. This ultimately gives you a strong barrier against moisture, odors, oxygen and light.

Depending on what you want to store, you can always find a use for it. What’s the best way to open it? To open it, the user must fold the corners as shown on the package itself. Once folded, you can now tear along the pre-cut seam on the bag. You will have instructions printed on the bag, so you should have a hard time getting it done.

3) Medical zipper bag

Child safety bag manufacturers may also have this type of bag in their range. This is another good option that requires two hands to open the package. Well, for grown-ups, this would be an easy thing to do. The same bag is extremely difficult for children to open.

You will find that these bags are perfect for different kinds of products. You can even use them to store medical marijuana. Since the bags meet ASTM D3475 standards, you’ll love using them. They are safe at all times. Depending on the manufacturer, you will be able to see this bag with two different styles of closure. Neither style is easy for a child to open.

4) Childproof push-pin zipper bag

Another type of child-resistant bag is this one. It is commonly used as a detergent pack and still works well in many other applications. You know it comes with a sliding zipper that has a pin that needs to be inserted to unlock the contents. You’ll find it’s a simple but effective zipper perfect for a variety of applications you may have.

Talking is hard for kids but easy for adults. Since you can turn it back off, using it for many applications shouldn’t be a problem for most users.

5) Pinch N Slide ASTM child safety out pocket

This is another top-performing child safety bag on the market. That’s because it meets ASTM and CPSC guidelines for the best child-resistant pockets. You will find it primarily used for pharmacy needs you may have.

The bag is equipped with a double zipper mechanism, making it more difficult for children to open. The best part is that these mechanisms also keep the contents of the pack fresh. As such, you’ll find people using it to store dried herbs, concentrates, and food.

Since it complies with many current laws in different states, its usability is not an issue. It’s also odor-resistant. As a result, many people can even use it to store their cannabis products.

4. When does the packaging need child-resistant bags?

Knowing when to use a child-resistant bag is always crucial. Several regulations are available that specify exactly what must be done when using child-resistant bags accurately. Therefore, packaging containing substances or even mixtures classified as acutely toxic should be placed in child-resistant bags. Toxicity is Category 1 to 3. These substances can even cause skin corrosion or other more serious effects. As you can see, there is a need to ensure that children are always protected.

Another consideration is whether the mixture or substance in the package presents an aspiration hazard. There are undoubtedly certain substances that you do not want your child to inhale. Putting them in a child-resistant bag will limit children’s reach. Substances in aerosol form are excluded. Also, those are stored in containers with airtight spray attachments.

Another thing is when the substance or mixture contains high concentrations of methylene dichloride or methanol. This is where the concentration is higher than that suggested by the standard. At concentrations above those safe for the general public, child-resistant bags or fasteners are required.

To ensure better safety, inspections may target re-importers, refillers, repackers and formulators of different mixtures among the general public. Once the product is properly packaged, you should be able to handle the product safely. Furthermore, even distributors and retailers who want to sell these products for public use must be inspected.

Another area to consider is the packaging of the laundry capsules. It can be very unfortunate for a child to have access to a laundry capsule and easily open it. That’s why there are regulations on how to seal them for more protection. Now, you’ll find many of these products are pressure-resistant, dissolve slowly, and also contain bittering agents. If the bittering agent is put in the mouth, it will have a repulsive effect on the child.

For most manufacturers, they’ll even include a “keep out of reach of children” warning on the packaging. In this way, parents can better understand how to dispose of packaging around their children.

5. Key Requirements for Child-resistant Packaging

If you’re going to call a bag a childproof bag, it must meet some important requirements. This applies to both reclosable and non-reclosable bags. Now there are different standards and every manufacturer has to take them into account. We’ll take a look at these requirements that must be met before a childproof bag can be called fit for public use.

1) ISO 8317

First, we need to understand the international standards for reclosable child-resistant packaging. This standard is generally applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, and technical products. In order for bags to be certified good, they need to pass two important testing procedures.

In the first test, children aged 42 to 51 months had to try to open the bag. Tests, of course, are filled with harmless products like water. The goal here is to see if the child will successfully open the package. The test should last approximately 10 minutes. If the child hasn’t opened it by then, it won’t happen.

The second test, it involved adults between the ages of 50 and 70. These adults should be able to open and reclose the bag without issue. As with any child-resistant package, it should be noted that the package is only considered safe if less than 10% of children successfully open it within the first 5 minutes. Furthermore, less than 20% of the children successfully completed the entire allotted 10-minute time. As for adults, at least 90% of them should be able to open and close the package with ease.

2) EN 862

This is the European standard for non-reclosable child-resistant bags. This standard applies to non-drugs that have been marketed. Depending on the product, in most cases, you will find these kept in single-use type bags.

They can also be used with sealable bags, flow packs, and single-use consolidation packs. You now know which criteria must be met if you wish to use such a product. This standard is also necessary to prove that children between 42 and 51 months will not easily open the package. Adult testing is optional in most cases.

3) EN 14375

This is another important requirement that manufacturers must consider when making child-resistant bags. This is the European standard for non-reclosable child-resistant packaging for pharmaceutical products. This standard applies to stick packs and blister packs. For those who don’t know, stick packs are thin, tube-shaped bags that are then sealed lengthwise and at both ends.

Granular sachets or pockets also apply to this standard. Just like any other standard, it needs to be proven that a certain percentage of children will not open the package. As for adults, it should be easy to handle.

4) ISO 13217

This is an international standard that defines the mechanical test methods for reclosable child safety bags. Don’t get me wrong, because it does not replace the ISO 8317 specification, but acts as an extension of it. This standard involves testing packaging with minor modifications from the original packaging. The goal is to see if kids are still able to open it. Tests give tolerances of up to 5%.

Adults are still used to seeing how easy it is for them to use child-resistant bags. This approach is believed to help reduce the number of testing procedures. As a result, costs are reduced as it aims to provide more child-resistant packaging in the market.

5) US 16 CFR and 1700.20

If you are a manufacturer wishing to place child-resistant bags on the US market, you will need to follow this protocol. You learn that the protocol involves putting more kids in the test, just to make sure it stays resistant. Adults can keep their minds on this request.

With the different requirements mentioned above, you can see that many brands have to go through a lot to ensure that the products they offer are good. Only laboratories that have been found to meet the various requirements can verify these products. These laboratories must be approved by the relevant authorities to ensure that they can carry out their work.

Another thing worth noting is that the respective governments can do more verification if necessary. The purpose is to ensure that only good products enter the public area. A certified manufacturer is always willing to show their approval, and that is what makes them stand out. With the option to easily verify their information, you should have no problem finding the best child-resistant bags.

It’s not enough for a package to keep children out, you also have to step in and keep the parent out of reach. Although it is a child-safe bag, it is not child-safe. Some children may open the package. So keep packages as far out of reach as possible.

Key Requirements for Child-resistant Packaging

6. Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing Child-resistant Bags

Choosing the best child-resistant bag or bag is a lot of work. It always takes time to choose the right product that will provide good performance. Let’s take a look at some considerations you might want to keep in mind.

1) Functionality matters

If you’re ultimately looking to buy the best child-resistant resealable bags, you’ll find one that works just fine. First, you need to check the capabilities of the package. Does it work as the manufacturer claims? You definitely have to consider getting a product that is capable and worth the money.

It’s not just about the money you spend, but the child-resistant performance you get. You’ll always feel comfortable when you get a model that’s perfect for giving you the right kid-resistant technology.

With many brands entering the market, you can always expect to see lots of childproof bags. The question is, are they all good? You definitely have to do some research to get the best product on the market. The main goal is to have a model that does a good job of giving the best performance.

2) Creative

When you hear the word childproof bags, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring bags. While they should be fine when it comes to child protection, you also have to consider their appearance.On the market, you can find some models that are attractive at all times. You can now have the best-looking and most functional child-resistant bag.

3) Type of package

Depending on the application, you should definitely look at the type of bag you need. These bags vary by brand. Take your time to understand if this type of bag is worth buying. Some bags may be suitable for some applications but not others.

The most common categories you have to choose from include resealable and non-resealable bags. All other types will always belong to one of them. So, depending on your needs for kid-resistant bags, you can always find something that fits.

You can keep an eye out for some new bag solutions. As technology improves, you can get some models with better child protection solutions. You can keep an eye out for new ways to keep your kids safe.

4) Consistent

Assume that you are going to be a reseller of the best child-resistant bags. Well, you definitely have to think about making yourself the best when it comes to consistency. When it comes to performance, your buyers will want consistency from their bags. Therefore, you may also have to do your research to find the best supplier for your product.

Also great at making the best bags that should get you more clients all the time. It’s always good to have the best consistency regardless of the user. It also boosts confidence by consistently purchasing bags from top brands. You always know the packaging is going to work well.

5) Shopping around

Another thing you may want to do is do your research. Take the time to compare different types of bags to find the best one. If you want to use child-resistant bags then they have to be correct.

Shopping around can also help you find a good deal. It helps to save a few dollars here and there. Ultimately, you should have some good deals all the time. Many people like to save money on their purchases, and here’s how you can do it.

Another thing is that when it comes to these kid-resistant bags, you see all sorts of things. Variety is always good until you choose what works best for you at the moment. Having a variety of options should always make things easier for any buyer. You will know that the products you are taking are the best.

6) Quality

You definitely have to consider the quality of the product you are getting. There’s no need to settle for a product that doesn’t deliver the good performance you want. This is why you must take the time to learn about the product in detail before buying.

First, you have to look at the locking mechanism. Is this something you can trust? Also, does it work well compared to other models on the market? These are the questions you have to ask yourself when looking for a child-resistant bag. No need to buy the cheapest model, only to find out that it won’t work as well as you want it to.

You’ll also want to look at the materials used to make child-resistant bags and bags. These materials should be durable and withstand abuse. This is because the child will try anything to open the bag. Hence the need for a bag made of impressive materials.

Dos and Don'ts When Purchasing Child-resistant Bags

7. Child-resistant Packaging Requirements

For those who may know, child-resistant packaging was first developed in the 1960s. This is when the Poison Preventive Packaging Act (PPPA) goes into effect. The PPPA’s mandate is to identify household substances that are likely to cause serious harm to children. This is where children may accidentally ingest such substances.

Due to the occurrence of such accidents, these toxic or hazardous substances have to be packaged in child-resistant bags or bags. These child-resistant bags at least reassure parents that their children will be safer in the home environment.

An important thing to understand is that these child-resistant mylar bags have to go through various tests to determine their performance. Most are even tested in private labs to make sure they meet the prescribed regulations. Only if the bag is intended for public use with the correct properties. We’ve walked through the various requirements they must meet to pass this guide. Upon meeting these requirements, you can begin selling.

Watch out for these bags on display at schools. There are two main criteria for these substances to be considered harmful to children. Let’s look at the following two cases.

  • Indicates significant risk. Yes, the product absolutely should present a risk of injury or illness to children in the home. This is when they process or ingest substances. Thus, substances such as marijuana, drugs, detergents, etc. meet such criteria. Now, they need to be kept out of the reach of children, and these bags are the perfect way to do that.
  • Possess the ability to pack effectively. Although the aim is to keep these substances away from children, the packaging must still be usable. This means that the quality and overall use of the substance will not be disturbed. This is why most packages are recommended to keep their contents fresh for a long time.

Child-resistant packaging has been around for decades. We’ve all seen the benefits of using child-resistant bags. For those of you who haven’t picked them up, you’re missing a lot. Always make sure that the bag you get complies with the regulations in different countries.

8. Use of Child-Resistant Bags in the Cannabis Industry

Yes, child-resistant packaging is now being used in the cannabis industry. You can consider them essential when it comes to the storage of medications and related products. To be sure, parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to marijuana at such an early age. Therefore, having the best child-resistant bags for storing medical marijuana is convenient.

You will notice that many cannabis concentrates, oils, and distillates are stored in jars in most cases. These jars are child-resistant. With this possibility, sellers may not have to use secondary packaging to prevent children from using cannabis and related products in the store.

You’ll also get child-safe cartridges. In certain areas, suppliers may be required to use secondary folding cartons to provide additional child-resistant features, in accordance with state law. This folding carton is produced by a specific box making machine.

Cannabis edibles are primarily placed in childproof bags. With the right bag, you can now ensure your kids don’t ingest cannabis edibles. Many marijuana dispensaries are now investing in child-resistant bags. They do know that the jars may be child-resistant, but having an extra layer of protection isn’t such a bad idea.

What you have to understand is that marijuana is still illegal under US federal law. Although many states have legalized medical marijuana, there are still laws about how to carry the product. These regulations dictate the type of bag that must be used to carry medical marijuana. There is no doubt that the Child-resistant Bag really belongs in this segment.

Packaging requirements vary by state. Therefore, it is necessary to find packaging that complies with the legal requirements. Commonly, these laws state that the container or bag must be opaque. This is to hide the contents of the wrapper. Another common thing is that they must be reclosable. This kid-resistant bag is fine if you can’t finish your cannabis product in one sitting. Being able to reseal makes it harder for kids to get to the marijuana and still sometimes prevents the smell from spreading.

Well, just make sure you follow the various regulations in your state or country for carrying cannabis products. Packaging marijuana in packaging that appeals to children is prohibited in some states.

Use of Child-Resistant Bags in the Cannabis Industry

9. Child-resistant Bag FAQs

Here are some common question for child-resistant bags:

1) What are the categories of child-resistant bags?

You are sure to come across the major categories of reclosable and non-reclosable child-resistant bags. As the name suggests, reusable bags can be reused for a variety of applications. Non-reclosable, on the other hand, are single-use.

2) What certifications must a child-resistant bag meet?

You’ll find these certifications vary by state or country. However, the most common requirements are specified in ASTM and CPSC regulations. Once a CR package is able to comply with the regulations, then it is certified for use.

3) Are child-resistant bags durable?

Yes. It usually comes down to the manufacturer and the materials used to make the bag. In most cases, you get these very durable child safety bags. Especially ones that you have to keep re-using. Some manufacturers are also known for doing a great job at making some of the best kid-resistant bags on the market.

4) Who needs child-resistant bags?

Without a doubt, if you have kids in the house, then you need to get these bags. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are always protecting your child. If you’re picking out the best childproof bag, just make sure it offers some good performance.

5) Can I use child-resistant bags to store marijuana?

Yes. It’s even recommended that you store medical marijuana or related products in child-proof bags. This should deter children from accidentally ingesting marijuana.

6) What items can you store in a child-resistant bag?

The list of substances stored in child-resistant bags can be long. Most of the time they will include medicines, cleansers, marijuana (if you use some or more). In some cases, you even have to store the mouthwash in such a bag to prevent your child from using it all the time.

Child-resistant Bag FAQs

10. Conclusion

It would be great to spend some time looking for the best bags on the market. With a little research, it’s even possible to end up with some nice deals. You don’t always have to break the bank when it comes to kid-resistant bags. Well, now it’s up to you to make sure your kids are always protected. Buy the best bags to keep harmful substances away from children.

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